UNSW F23 Mathews L2 Building

  • Client UNSW
  • Location Kensington | Eora Country
  • Sector Education

Home to UNSW’s travel program, the Travel Office is a work and research space on the University’s Kensington campus. Comprising a flexible office space and meeting room, it facilitates student preparation for university related trips and postgraduate fieldwork research. In the main office space, a large world map decal doubles as a whiteboard, allowing students to be placed on the board while they are away, while in the meeting room a screen and AV capabilities allow interaction with researchers located overseas. 

In keeping with its function, design elements within the Travel Office respond creatively to the themes of travel and global connections. A restrained material palette of timber, metal, and glass is complemented by wall decals that include two novel variations on the world map: a stylised dot matrix version in the main office space and a text-based graphic in the meeting room in which the names of major cities are arranged to form countries and continents.