December 2023 —

Lismore Community Recreational Cultural Asset Reconstruction

Following the catastrophic floods in Lismore in 2022, BKA Architecture, is working with Bennett Constructions, to undertake a monumental task of the Community Recreational Cultural Asset Reconstruction for Lismore City Council. 

Over 40 communal buildings, including vital landmarks like City Hall, Art Gallery, Library, Municipal Building, Airport, and Sporting Halls, faced urgent remediation to mend the fabric of this resilient community. With a firm commitment, BKA Architecture has allocated ten dedicated staff members to contribute to the Flood Rectification project. This initiative aims not only to repair the physical structures but also to facilitate the reconnection of the community to their public assets.



The scope of our work encompasses some of Lismore’s most integral, communal spaces. 

This includes:

  • City Hall
  • Art Gallery
  • Library
  • Municipal Building
  • Airport
  • Sporting Halls and Ovals

Our enthusiasm is the driving force behind our continuous efforts to restore Lismore’s existing infrastructure. The primary goal is to minimise the potential impact of future floods, ensuring a resilient and secure environment for the community.

As we near the final stages of this significant project, BKA Architecture is pleased to declare the upcoming reopening of the 20th of December – the Lismore Memorial Baths. This revitalised space opens just in time for summer, bringing with it a renewed sense of hope and normalcy to the residents of Lismore.

The significance of this community pool extends beyond its recreational value; it symbolises resilience and recovery after a year faced by the challenges of the devastating floods. The prospect of offering the community a place for leisure and relaxation is a beacon of positivity, and our dedicated team is thrilled to contribute to this refurbished space.



In summary, BKA Architecture adheres to the ethos that our work goes beyond the restoration of buildings; it is committed to the reconstruction of lives and communities. As we progress, we anticipate witnessing Lismore city’s rehabilitation.