Bayside Council Amenities

  • Client Bayside Council | Eora Country
  • Location Sydney
  • Sector Community

BKA Architecture was tasked with replacing outdated amenities blocks in four sporting fields within the Bayside Council LGA. The first, in Booralee Park, emerges from its context as a striking landmark clad in glazed brick in shades of grey, silver, and black offset by a golden yellow. Topped with a sculptural sailing roof lined with composite timber, the building offers accessible public amenities in addition to a canteen and storage space.

The second, in heritage-listed Jellicoe Park, takes a light touch to its significant site while accommodating growing user numbers from local sporting clubs. Resting on a concrete podium base, the block grants spectators an elevated view of the playing fields and shelters them from the elements via a large cantilevered roof. Brick cladding wraps around the building, bringing together shades of green and grey that run the spectrum from light to dark.

The Ador Park Amenities block is designed to FIFA standards. With an open corridor acting as the spine of the building, the facilities are split in to two sections, providing separate change rooms for two teams. The open corridor acts as a visual link to the playing fields and contributes natural ventilation.

Rockdale Park Amenities Building features an expressive roof form extending towards the new playground and water feature pools of the park. Material selection of perforated steel for the ceiling creates organic patterns alluding to natural elements. A colour palette consisting of green, blue and brown for the bricks reflects the natural context of the park.