The education sector is one of BKA’s foremost areas of expertise. Locally and abroad, we have a long track record of delivering high quality schools and environments for all levels of learning, from childcare and early education to tertiary studies.

We believe that learning never stops. Our team keeps abreast of innovations informing education design and pedagogy around the world and uses this knowledge to respond to shifts in the education landscape, such as the advent of digital instruction and growing demand for flexible learning spaces.

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Multi-Unit Housing

Over the years, BKA has worked with some of Australia’s leading developers to deliver highly coveted multi-residential dwellings across the country.

Driving our long history of success in this sector are a collaborative design approach and finely tuned ability to balance design integrity with commercial targets, costs, and planning concerns. Throughout every project, we work closely with clients and council to explore new solutions that place creativity, community satisfaction, and sensitivity to the environment at the core of the design and building process.


We apply the same care and consideration that we bring to large-scale developments to all our residential projects, whether these are renovations, new buildings, or alterations within heritage conservation areas. For every home, we take the time to get to know the family that will occupy them and work to understand their needs and translate these into bespoke living spaces that are a joy to inhabit.

Our tailored approach to residential projects is underpinned by our extensive experience in DA preparation and approvals, which allows us to confidently carry projects from concept to completion in urban and regional council areas alike.

Sports & Community

BKA believes that high quality civic and public spaces should be a source of pride for the communities they serve.

From amenities blocks to community centres and sporting hubs, our civic projects reflect this belief and enhance the services provided by local, state, and federal governments. Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with stakeholders including local councils in Sydney, the Hunter Valley, and Byron Bay and state and federal government agencies.


At BKA, we believe masterplanning is a crucial part of the design process for projects that envision future growth and development.

We collaborate closely with our clients, stakeholders to listen to their vision. BKA have developed masterplans for schools, community hubs that communicate growth strategy and trajectory whilst illustrating the interplay of building and landscape connections, human interaction and its relevance to the surrounding environment.

We deliver strategic, considered, thoughtful design that brings clients’ vision to life.


From cafes and restaurants to hotels and resorts, we endeavor to create distinctive hospitality spaces that form the backdrops to unforgettable dining and leisure experiences. At all scales, our projects within this sector balance a strong focus on the customer experience with meeting client bottom lines and commercial imperatives, in addition to exceeding industry best practice with regard to sustainability, regulatory compliance, and design excellence.

Adaptive Re-use

Historic and existing buildings play a valuable role in giving places a sense of identity, shaping communities, and teaching us about the past. With this in mind, we treat all our adaptive reuse or infill projects as an opportunity to bring stories from the past to life in a way that resonates with users of today and tomorrow. To date, BKA has applied this nuanced approach to adaptive reuse projects across a breadth of sectors including commercial, residential, and educational.


Since the earliest days of our practice we’ve worked consistently throughout the commercial sector, collaborating with developers, private clients, and major tenants alike on a broad spectrum of projects. From retail precincts and showrooms to office buildings and commercial offerings within tertiary campuses and mixed-use developments, we take a collaborative approach that involves our client throughout the design process.

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