October 2023 —

Narooma Arts Gallery Preliminary Concept

Welcome to BKA Architecture’s exciting venture—the preliminary concept for the Narooma Arts Gallery project. This endeavor has been profoundly shaped by the unique topography of the site, boasting a striking 10-meter slope that influenced our architectural strategies.

In acknowledging the sacred presence of Mount Gulaga, particularly significant to the Indigenous community and a spiritual cornerstone, our design approach was infused with reverence and respect. Mount Gulaga is more than a mountain; it holds deep-rooted cultural significance, inspiring the very essence of our project.

Our concept unfolds as a single-level gallery and workshops, a testament to our commitment to marrying functionality with aesthetics. Strategically positioning the primary building works on the southern slope allowed us to offer breathtaking

views of Mount Gulaga to the Southwest. The landscape itself became an integral canvas, seamlessly merging with the architectural structure.

Preserving wall space, a sacred element in any art gallery, was a key priority. Skylights were thoughtfully integrated to invite natural light, creating a symbiotic dance between art and the surrounding nature. We envisioned an environment that not only showcases art but also breathes life into the creative process.

Our vision for this gallery is truly transformative—a convergence of art, architecture, and the natural beauty of Narooma. This convergence extends beyond the physical space, delving into the emotional and experiential realms, offering visitors a journey into a sanctuary where art and nature harmoniously coexist.

In the quiet embrace of Narooma, where mountains whisper ancient tales, our gallery stands as a tribute to art and a sanctuary for the creative spirit. Stay tuned as we refine this concept, navigating challenges like the new sewer line, to craft an architectural marvel that resonates with the very soul of Narooma.

Welcome to a journey that transcends mere structures. Welcome to Narooma Arts Gallery.