February 2020 —

FASS (UNSW) Long life, loose fit and low energy

As long ago as 1972 Sir Alexander John Gordon in his role as President of the RIBA defined ‘good architecture’ as buildings that exhibit ‘long life, loose fit and low energy’ The backbone of these principles is spacial adaptability and flexibility.
Educational spaces are continually evolving. We have seen libraries loose their books and classrooms embrace new experimental configurations.
Our recently completed fitout for Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) at UNSW is driven by the need for flexibile functional spaces. This space can function as a dining room, a learning space, a workspace, a function space and a meeting spot.
By providing numerous and varied seating arrangements all with power and data, a fully functioning kitchen combined with great lighting allows this room to be used in a variety of ways and embodies ‘loose fit’.
Full marks to the UNSW project staff for putting together and innovative brief. BKA Architecture enjoyed the journey and working with Formula Interiors to deliver the project on time and on budget.
Images courtesy of UNSW.