September 2017 —

3D CGI Capabilities Now In-house

Following comprehensive internal training, BKA is pleased to announce that we now offer in-house 3D CGI capabilities in addition to our architectural services. Our new technological skills enable us to create stunning project visuals including photorealistic 3D imagery and animation, two tools that we see as vital to clear communication of design intent and robust design development. 3D imagery in particular has become increasingly central to our design practice, in which it provides project teams with the unprecedented ability to thoroughly explore all views, material, finishes, and details prior to construction. This imagery can then be provided to clients and other key project stakeholders to give them an accurate vision of the project’s expected look and feel upon completion. The addition of 3D CGI capabilities to our suite of in-house services marks BKA’s latest effort to deliver a smooth, streamlined project experience that is as time- and cost-effective as possible.